Peter d'Entremont, the founder of Triad Film Productions Ltd., a
Halifax-based documentary film production company, began his film career by
starting a University film society. After attending the London International Film
School in England, he freelanced in a variety of positions; from assistant director
to production manager to producer. In the early years he freelanced for a variety
of large-scale productions, ranging from Walt Disney feature films to international
TV series. It was, however, his interest in writing that provided his breakthrough in
both drama and his prolific career in documentary films.

Since 1980, Triad Films have been active with documentary projects, in which
Peter has excelled as an award winning writer, director and producer.
Triad has consistently developed powerful, inquiring and moving films that
examine a variety of social, cultural, artistic and historical issues. As a
film production company it has a commitment to peace and cultural diversity.

Triad and Peter d'Entremont have won widespread national and international
acclaim and recognition. Two awards are particularly noteworthy as they were
awarded not only for craftsmanship but also for their message of Peace. The
World Peace Film Award - awarded for the documentary Teaching Peace - and
Japan's NHK President Prize - awarded for the documentary Bronwen and Yaffa:
Moving Towards Tolerance.

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