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Can you imagine ancient Greek culture – or ours today – without Homer’s Odyssey?
  Hank & Jimmie: A Story of Country
The rags-to-riches story of country music legend Hank Snow is the stuff of legend, as is that of his son Jimmie, who takes up everything his father rejected.
  Cecil's Journey
A 26-year-old Tamil-Canadian painter travels back to war-torn Sri Lanka for the first time as an adult.
  Teaching Peace
Teaching Peace is the third part of a film trilogy about encouraging, creating and maintaining peaceful schools.
  Learning Peace
A year at an elementary school currently addressing the effects of bullying and intimidation.
  Waging Peace
Follows Caledonia Junior High School principal Edy Guy-Francois- the 5th new principal in 4 years.
  Bronwen and Jaffa: Moving Towards Tolerance
Two young women are uniting to fight racism through the universal language of music.
  Place of the Boss: Utshimassits
The Mushuau Innu, one of the last hunter-gatherer peoples of North America are forced to resettle in Davis Inlet, resulting in physical dislocation, cultural collapse, and widespread dispair.
  The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis
Chronicles the vibrant life of one of Nova Scotia's most revered folk artists.
  Diet of Souls
‘The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls.’ Diet of Souls is the third part of a film trilogy.
  Nuliajuk: Mother of the Sea Beasts
Nuliajuk holds the key to the mystery of of Inuit myth, now unravelled on film by elders.
  Songs in Stone: An Arctic Journey Home
A tribute to the sculpters and printmakers of Cape Dorset, and the late Alma Houston.
  Acadian Spirit: The Legacy of Philippe d'Entremont
The film explores Acadian heritage back to an early founder of the community of Pubnico, Phillipe d'Entremont.
  Table Hockey
You’d be surprised where your favorite childhood game is going.
  The Battle for Mosher River
Residents of this small community on Nova Scotia's eastern shore have endured 2 generationsof vandalism, intimidation and have taken the law into their own hands.
  Soldier Boys
Soldier Boys is a compelling story of abduction and indoctrination faced by three Ugandan children who were stolen from their homes by General Joseph Kony and his Lord’s resistance Army.
  Military Wives
Wives speak out about the difficulties of being part of the military family.
  Flight: Searching For Scotland
Revisits Gaelic culture still vibrant in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
  Iceberg Alley
Iceberg Alley is a look at a modern man-against-nature battle which pits scientists and engineers against the destructive power of icebergs.


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